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Nepal Tour Packages

Welcome to a land you will never forget - a land of snow-capped mountains and quiet river valleys, of ancient preserved cities and towering pagoda temples, and friendly people. Nepal offers something for everyone -the pilgrim, the casual visitor, the tourists and the traveler, trekkers, poets and those in search of a personal Shangri-La.

Within the borders of this small country is an astounding variety of animals, plants and geologic formations.

The world's tallest mountain - Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest), commands the north, while the luxurious jungles of the Terai-filled with birds and beasts, command the south. In nearly a dozen wilderness parks and reserves you can find everything from the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger and Great One-horned rhinoceros to the nimble Musk deer and the elusive Snow leopard.

Nepal is a land for all seasons. There are a myriad places to go, people to meet and sites to see. To name a few, Kathmandu or Kirthipur, Patan or Lalitapur. Badgaon or Bhaktapur. Three ancient cities a few miles apart from each other with their temples, stupas, monasteries, Palaces, Durbar squares and markets.

There are delightful and colourful festivals the year around. For the adventurous there are exciting activities in the form of trekking, white water rafting, biking, mountaineering and jungle safaris.

Nepal is a land where the arts culture are as well preserved as the valleys and forests. Temples enriched with woodcarving and bronzes, millennium-old statues standing along the wayside, songs and dances unchanged for centuries, and entire cities preserved in their medieval splendour. And it is a place where craft traditions are as vital as they were a thousand years ago, a place where one can buy woodcarvings, statues, gems and weavings similar to those of the ancient world.

    Sr. No Name of package No. of days Type Destination
  1. Dream Valley with Safari 06 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu
  2. Excotic Nepal Tour 09 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu
  3. Explore Nepal Tour 12 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu
  4. Glimpse of Nepal 04 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu
  5. Nature & Himalayan Tour 07 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu
  6. Nature & Pilgrimage 08 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu
  7. Nature Paradise Tours 08 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu
  8. Nature Safari Tour 08 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu
  9. Nature, Culture And Adventure 07 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu
  10. Nepal Birth Place of Lord Buddha 07 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu
  11. Scenic Nepal Tour 05 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu
  12. Summer Special Tours 08 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu
  13. Twin Valley Tour 06 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu